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About Prism Power Group

Our focus on the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of industry-leading electrical switchgear, critical power systems and power monitoring solutions. 

From Prism Power's four key divisions, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services from which to tailor bespoke solutions for a diverse range of unique projects.

We have a proactive team who have a wealth of extensive mechanical and electrical expertise that you can trust to develop solutions that are sustainable, efficient and will work seamlessly for optimum power performance of your facility. 

We approach every project with a focus on developing solutions that will best meet its unique specifications and objectives, and ultimately deliver ultimate lasting value to the client. Quality, integrity and value underpin our philosophy, while a flexible and collaborative approach ensures we meet our clients’ requirements at every stage.

Our diverse client-base means that we are continually thriving on the challenge to develop solutions in a value-enhancing way and place our company’s solutions at the forefront of critical power systems engineering. You can also trust our engineers to keep an eye on the future and drive the development of innovative, sustainable systems that can securely meet modern and challenging demands. 

We go the extra mile to ensure that working with Prism Power Group feels like you’re working with a trusted partner, with our staff who are always there to advise, work though any uncertainties and resolve any issues. 

Whatever the size or complexity of your project, we strive to ensure that every customer is thoroughly satisfied with a first-class solution and an unparalleled service that won’t let you down.


Prism Power Group’s Company Values

Prism Power began trading in 2005 with a small team of highly experienced and ambitious engineers with the mindset that they could create a successful company through power engineering excellence, nurturing a corporate environment of collaboration and innovation, and committing to customers a standard of excellence.

Our business is a forward-thinking company that works collaboratively to understand and meet the unique needs of our customers and their organisations in order to deliver the right solutions and services that achieve the greatest benefits and value.

Prism Power Group strives to ensure that our value objectives below are fulfilled respectfully and considerately, and that our team goes the extra mile to deliver first-class solutions and unparalleled services by committing to the following:

  • Leadership
    The guidance and experience of our managers leads the collaboration and motivation within the Prism Power Group team. We have a culture of harnessing the skills and expertise of our staff through supporting continual professional development, and inspiring the team to be the best we can be to deliver the best products and services in the market.
  • Expertise
    The decades of technical expertise behind our engineers fuel the company’s on-going innovation and development. Our team is flexible and focused on meeting the diverse and changeable needs of clients in order to deliver the right solutions and services and the greatest benefits.
  • Collaboration
    We are firmly committed to creating mutual success and valued partnerships with all our stakeholders. We work together with our clients, for our clients, to develop the most suitable solutions that will maximise the value of their investment in our products and services.
  • Integrity
    We are committed to being a trusted leader in the critical power systems industry and fulfilling our brand promise. Our team follows the highest standards of business ethics and is considerate of all stakeholders. We strive to establish loyalty and trust through ensuring best business practices are achieved throughout all areas of the company.
  • Quality
    We set a benchmark for achieving high standards of quality throughout all aspects of our business operations. To ensure our company supplies unrivalled systems of the highest integrity, resilience and reliability, we never compromise on quality.
  • Environmentally Conscious
    We are a responsible and energy-conscious company that strives to limit the impact that our business has on the environment. We are actively committed to the continued innovation of solutions that are highly efficient and kinder to our planet.
  • Safety First
    We regard safety as paramount and this is strengthened by our encouragement of a strict ‘safety first’ culture. Our staff are trained to conduct their activities with the utmost responsibility for the safety and welfare of all affected by our company activities, in accordance with company policy and the highest industry standards.
  • Passion
    Our passion is meeting the needs of our clients and overcoming challenges through engineering excellence and precision. We strive for maximum customer satisfaction on every project, no matter how large or small, standardised or unique.


Continued investment into research and development enables Prism Power Group to develop unrivalled systems that adapt to the needs or our clients to give them greater benefits and lasting value.

As a direct response to the speed at which operational demands are changing and the increasing dependency on reliable, efficient power supply, our company conducts ongoing research and development programmes to test the limits of power systems design and engineering. Based entirely on a clear understanding of the continually evolving and increasing operational needs of our clients, as well as our consciousness to the impact of energy usage on the environment, our objective is to ensure that our product range remains competitive, sustainable, and offers added value to our clients.

Engineering sustainable power solutions for the future

Prism Power Group’s R&D ventures have produced industry-leading systems and led to great benefits for our customers through the solutions we supply. As the first company in the world to manufacture and achieve full independent certification for a naturally ventilated 6300A 100kA LV Switchboard, our engineers bought a significant technological advancement into the switchgear manufacturing industry. The reliability and safety benefits derived from our low-energy, naturally-ventilated switchboards, as well as the extensive cost savings and efficiency enhancement associated with typically forced ventilated systems, results in a resilient, energy-conscious switchgear product that can serve the most critical of applications.

Where Power and IT Meet Intelligently

Our company established it’s Intelligent Solutions division to offer a platform from which clients are able to conveniently control, manage and monitor their power systems and energy distribution for heightened security, efficiency and to improve their organisation’s environmental credentials. With Prism Power’s Smart Energy Management Systems (SEMS) and InTouch™ range of products, our customers are able to more tightly and effectively take control of their power usage with non-intrusive integrated technology that lowers costs, as well as facilitates dramatic gains in productivity. Our Intelligent Solutions product range further empowers our customers’ own in-house teams to develop and utilise strategies for improved efficiency and achieve a greater level of control, security and ‘green’ compliance from their power infrastructure.

Prism Power Group’s drive for innovation and customer-focused approach resulted in rapid growth and the company was listed on The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league of fastest growing private technology companies in the UK. With a ranking of 23rd place, Prism Power Group was also the only manufacturer to be listed – click here for details.

Prism Power Group is a collaborative team with a shared mindset, vision and determination to lead the way to greater systems for power provision through the development of groundbreaking technology that vastly improves traditional systems and delivers the very best solutions to clients.

Bespoke Design

With proficient engineering capabilities and vast industry knowledge and experience, Prism Power Group develops bespoke solutions for the most challenging of circumstances whilst meeting the client’s exact requirements, timescale and budget.

Whether working from existing designs, or starting from a concept for a bespoke requirement, we are always equipped and work flexibly to satisfy every brief. Our full range of 3D and 2D design services allows us to accurately produce and control drawings, from the concept of small one-off items to large, interconnected systems. Our engineers will work to your facility’s specified space and ensure it is being utilised most effectively.

We partner our clients throughout each project to create a bespoke design that will give the best outcomes for their business, ensuring the right level of flexibility whilst meeting vital engineering objectives.

Key features:

  • Fully welded construction as standard.
  • LV Switchgear ratings from 500A—6300A
  • Up to IP65 rating
  • Paint finish to any RAL colour
  • Form 2 to Form 4 Type 7
  • IEC 61439 Compliance
  • Flexible and fully designed and engineered products to client space and satisfaction
  • Monitoring and Thermal imaging
  • Standardised options for more basic and less expensive requirements

Project Management

With an extensive portfolio of successful projects Prism Power Group has the expertise throughout the full project cycle. From the design; manufacture; the installation of your equipment; through to integrated testing and commissioning – we have a thorough understanding of the processes required to deliver the right solutions and a professional service.

Our engineers have extensive industry knowledge and experience in developing high power critical systems that ensure power continuity and maximum efficiency of supply for organisations worldwide. With Prism Power Group’s extensive and trusted expertise in the delivery of electrical systems, you are guaranteed to receive a reliable and robust solution tailored to your infrastructure’s specific requirements.

We offer flexibility with design; advanced control systems integration; compliance with stringent independent health, safety and environmental control systems to ensure better compatibility and system co-ordination, result in a high-integrity solution that will give our clients greater reliability.

With an excellent safety, quality and environmental record and full management system accreditation audited by BSI, we guarantee that safety, quality and environmental considerations are a key priority throughout every area of our business operations. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that planning, site safety and site security meets expectations for project and causes minimal disruption to normal day-to-day site activities.

Every aspect of your power needs can be covered by Prism Power Group, from detailed specifications and system design, product sourcing, through to full project management, installation, commissioning and the provision of complete after sales service and maintenance programmes. The most important factor for achieving long-term system reliability is to have a regular maintenance plan based on your specific power application. Scheduled servicing will give the greatest performance and value throughout the lifetime of the system.

Standards and Compliance

Prism Power Group’s corporate social responsibility, standards and values underpin our pursuit for excellence. Our customer-centred approach and collaboration throughout the duration of every project is key to developing the most appropriate solution and delivering a trusted service that is second to none.

We work with our clients as part of the team to develop enhancements and cost savings by value engineering, without compromising on quality. Our investment into research and development means that our clients benefit from working with a company at the forefront of power systems technology, where solutions are continually developed for sustainability and to meet modern-day demands.


We regard our client satisfaction as paramount and our objective is to deliver the greatest quality, best priced products to the market. It is our policy to provide our clients a benchmark quality service throughout every area of our business.

With ISO 9001-2015 certification (including design), we continually monitor our quality performance and our switchgear is rigorously product tested. We are also KEMA certified and ASTA certified up to 6300A 100kA.

Health & Safety

Prism Power Group takes the responsibility of Health and Safety of our operations seriously and complies with all legislation relevant to the industry and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, while also being safety management system OHSAS 18001 approved.

Our staff are qualified and undergo Health and Safety training programmes to ensure they follow Prism Power’s meticulous health and safety guidelines and company policy to ensure the safe impact of operations on others and themselves.


Our company strives to develop robust, efficient solutions that do not cost the earth. We aim to deliver high performance products with tried and tested features that reduce the negative effects of power usage on our environment. The environment is a key driver for Prism Power’s R&D ventures. Through innovative and ethical design engineering and processes, our team continues to demonstrate its environmental consideration and develop ways to mitigate any negative impact of our products and business operations.

We continually assess the impact of our activities on the environment and are fully compliant with ISO 14001-2015 standards.

The Executive Team

The Prism Power Group team encompasses a wealth of experience and a combination of expertise that facilitate the smooth and professional management of projects.

Vast experience and understanding of the power systems market enables Prism Power Group to meet broad and specific conditions with ultimate competence. Our staff work proactively, collaboratively and flexibly to resolve any challenges presented by the projects that we undertake and to determine the right solution to our clients. We also strive to develop clean, efficient, future-proof systems so that we can deliver the very best value and standards to every client.

At the heart of everything we do is a focus on achieving customer satisfaction and delivering the greatest results through high-integrity engineering.

Keith Hall | Managing Director

Keith Hall Managing Director

Keith has over 30 years’ experience in high integrity engineering design and manufacturing solutions for the critical systems infrastructure industry. He started as an apprentice fabrication engineer for an industrial lift manufacturer through the Engineering Industries Training Board, moving into power systems in 1979.

Keith went on to lead from start up to a £40M design and manufacturing business. He also acted as Chief Operations Officer and Finance Director for the sale of the business to venture capitalists and was subsequently appointed to CEO.

Keith is experienced in building successful manufacturing organisations and combines a customer focus with keen strategic abilities. He is skilled in leading a business through times of change and growth. He established Prism Power in 2005 with an emphasis on added value and high-quality products.

Richard Russell-Hogg | Finance Director & Company Secretary

Richard Hogg Finance Director & Company Secretary

Richard leads the Group services portfolio within Prism Power Group, managing the various supporting functions needed in a modern engineering business from Finance and Accounting through to HR and administration.

Richard joined Prism Power in 2006 having been awarded a bachelor’s degree by the University of Warwick. During 2015 Richard was awarded a distinction for a masters degree programme in Strategic Business Management from Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. Academic theory combined with real experience gained in industry allows Richard to help steer the growth and strategic direction of the group.

CIMA qualified, Richard provides a wealth of commercial finance and strategic input to the group ensuring not only that effective day to day processes exist within the organisation but that the team has the real time, meaningful data and analysis to support commercial decision making.

Steve Sharples | Engineering Director

Steve has a deserved reputation as an expert power systems designer, bringing highly valued knowledge and insight to the team. With an expansive portfolio of past project successes built up over several decades, Steve brings his long-standing passion for engineering to the Prism Power Group.

Steve has an innovative design approach resulting in the development of minimal risk solutions for bespoke safety and business critical schemes. Working closely on all our major projects, Steve is highly visible with clients to ensure that engineering excellence is a cornerstone of our finished systems.

Andy Tavinor | Operations Director

Andy Tavinow Operations Director

Andy leads the Operations function of the Prism Power Group and has over 30 years’ experience in high power switchgear and power systems engineering. He has exhaustive knowledge and experience in electrical and mechanical design and the manufacturing of high quality bespoke products.

Andy has a valued drive for innovation and customer-focused approach, which has led the development and production of industry-leading systems that achieve optimal results for our clients. Working closely with clients and end-users, his expertise ensures the team not only resolves any challenges competently and professionally, but also satisfies complex requirements with the greatest precision.

Andy’s ability to deliver valuable and trusted solutions is demonstrated by the on-going trust our clients afford him.

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