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Case Study

Switchgear solution for a leading UK energy supplier

Prism Power was approached by a leading UK energy supplier to engineer, manufacture, install, test and commission the main LV switchboard and carry out all associated works for its London headquarters.

Challenges and issues to be resolved

- Bespoke solution to fit existing cabling

- Incorporate intelligent metering while keeping to the same size as existing space

- Large switchboard to be house in small space

Action taken

The first Switchboard to be replaced was a 7.6 metre double-ended packaged sub-station incorporating a bus-coupler.

The client did not want to replace the existing cables so the first challenge was designing the new Switchboards with the devices in the same positions to avoid jointing or renewing the existing cables.

The client also wanted metering to be added to each switching device so the next challenge was fitting the metering into the Switchboard and keeping it the same size as the existing so it would fit into the existing space between the 2no. 11000 volt transformers.

A survey was carried out prior to manufacturing the Switchboards, which revealed restricted access along the route to the switch room in the sub-basement, the switchboard section had to be designed to a limited size to enable them to fit through the doors along the route, even so the Switchboard sections had to be turned on their sides to allow access through the door ways, due to the weight of the Switchboard section it was necessary to install lifting eyes, which were bolted to the concrete ceiling to enable chain blocks to be used to stand the sections upright.

The LV switchboards comprised a KEMA Certified metal clad cubicle with a welded frame and covers. The switchboard was floor mounted, assembly manufactured and designed in accordance with IEC 61439-2:2011 and the specifications requested by the client.

Factory acceptance tests were carried out at Prism Power's manufacturing facility to ensure full working order and client satisfaction before being delivered to their site.

Our team carried out pre-installation assessments and preparation on site before carrying out the installation of the Main LV Switchboard, UPS Switchboard, Generator Switchboard and two PFC cubicles