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Intelligent Solutions


The InTouch eDB™ is a distribution board built with energy efficiency as a core guiding design principle.

Designed with our SEMS system built in and configured for access to our eTactica™ platform the InTouch eDB™ allows you to instantly keep track of your energy consumption. Built with industry leading electrical distribution components the InTouch eDB™ makes for a drop in replacement to your usual distribution boards.

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Energy efficiency and carbon consumption are key topics within a businesses CSR agenda these days. The drive towards increased environmental awareness, as well as the introduction of penalties for large consumers acts as a key incentive to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but to demonstrate that this has been done. The InTouch SEMS gives organisations the insight to be able to make real changes that will help to accomplish these aims.

The SEMS Gateway acts as the bridge between your electrical cabinets and the cloud software platform eTactica™. The Gateway collects the data locally and sends on the relevant information to the dashboard allowing you the user to interrogate the live data being produced.

- Small Profile design for installation with existing equipment

- Works with any MCB, RCBO

- Easy Installation, with minimal time required

- Makes existing equipment intelligent and fit for the future.

- Allows for benchmarking of your energy consumptionTurn energy usage into a competitive advantage

- Monitor critical equipment to pre-empt and avert problems

- Use SEMS as part of your environmental strategy

Intelligent Solutions

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