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Critical Systems

UPS Systems

UPS Systems

Prism Power Group’s offering includes rotary or static UPS options to provide seamless and instantaneous protection from input power interruptions.

Our UPS solutions support the critical loads of some of the world’s major financial institutions, data centres, airports, military systems and telecommunications providers.

Our engineers will implement the correct equipment to best meet your operational objectives ensuring a highly efficient, reliable and fault tolerant UPS solution that minimises the environmental impact and subsequent rising energy costs in the future.

Rotary UPS Systems

Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (RUPS) are clean and reliable technology combining the functionality of a flywheel-powered UPS with the added advantages of superior performance without the requirement for power electronics.

The principal advantages of RUPS equipment compared to a “traditional” battery-powered UPS combined with a diesel-generator are the higher overall system energy efficiency, smaller footprint, use of fewer components, longer technical lifetime and the fact it does not result in chemical waste due there being no need for the replacement of batteries. Typically a RUPS, when integrated with a standby diesel generator, can have enough fuel to power the load for longer in the event of failure of the mains electricity supply, can have enough fuel to power the load for longer in the event of failure of the mains electricity supply.

At a glance:

Single or multiple UPS modules for small and larger installations alike

Full range of standby diesel generators to provide long time critical power when required

400kVA-10MVA systems

Single module N+1, N+N on IP BUS MBS configurations

Containerised and indoor solutionsHigh efficiency

Low total cost of ownership

Static UPS Systems

Static Uninterruptible Power Supply systems offer clients the facility to have modular and scalable critical power systems that can be configured to offer highly efficient performance, high system resilience together with levels of redundancy and maintainability that means there should never be any interruption to their business critical operations.

Prism Power Group has long established experience of supplying static UPS systems from the industry leaders providing unsurpassed design, quality and reliability from the simplest of back-up protection systems to the most complex of data centre installations.

Through carefully considering the clients fundamental requirements, Prism Power Group is able to select the ideal design and configuration of UPS components that best meets the client’s needs whilst also complimenting and enhancing their overall critical power strategy.

At a glance:

Single phase and three phase UPS modules and multi module systems

Modular and scalable to offer growth in power demand

10kVA-6.4MVA systems

Co-ordinated design considerations with diesel generators and switchgear, etc

Power systems up to Tier 4 requirements for the highest availability needs

Critical Systems

Critical Systems Brochure
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