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Distribution Boards

Lighting and Power Boards

Prism Power Group’s Lighting and Power Boards are a compact solution to meet the demands of energy metering in commercial buildings.

Our offer includes the advantage of a customisable design to suit both your space and budget. Our boards incorporate a main incoming device plus further points of isolation on both the lighting & power boards, CT’s, Dual input meter & meter protection. They also include the added advantage of meter displays for separate readings of lighting and power consumption in addition to an overall calculation. The meter has both Modbus and pulsed options for connection to a compatible BMS system. All power and control wiring is fully tested & labelled to industry standards.

Key features:

  • Modbus and pulsed output metering
  • 3x 125A TP Switch disconnectors
  • Single or split metered arrangement
  • Single Phase and Three Phase options available
  • Extensive combination of outgoing ways and metering configurations
  • 250A options available

Key Benefits:

  • Individual metering
  • Enhanced isolation
  • Fully customisable
  • Vertical or horizontal arrangement
  • Pre-fitted components for reduced site installation time
  • Cost effective and fast delivery


Prism Power’s many years of experience in supplying turnkey packages to organisations from a broad scope of industries has led to the development of a range of Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) with varying configurations and specific designs to match our clients’ requirements most precisely.


We are able to offer PDU’s as a standard or custom-designed solution, from more a simplistic design of distribution panels, to in-rack or data hall located systems, with fully intelligent features. Your preferred options and features will be met whilst ensuring systems we supply are highly resilient, fully redundant and maintainable.

  • In-rack mounted PDU or RPP (remote power panel) and wall/floor mounted fully welded enclosures
  • Fully intelligent PDU’s with branch level circuit monitoring via BMS Modbus output protocol or stand alone cloud based Smart Energy Management System
  • Range of incoming options including Isolators, Circuit Breakers and Static Transfer
  • Prewiring to BS4343 sockets or terminal marshalling points

Intelligent PDUs

In today’s essential IT industry the demand for maintenance and safeguarding of mission critical equipment is vital.

Unmanaged power supply is responsible for a huge proportion of downtime suffered by IT equipment and consequences of sudden unexpected power failures can result in severe financial and/or safety costs.


The InTouch PDU™ solution incorporates facilities that enable businesses to conveniently access and manage their own critical infrastructures for heightened security and protection. Comprehensive remote status reporting is supplied via precise and responsive integrated software, allowing a facilities manager to conveniently access real-time vital readings for analysis and control. Status reports can be accessed locally from a touch screen or remotely to any device and destination, limiting potential downtime risks considerably.

Key Benefits:

  • Individual metering
  • Versatile product, fully fitted with comprehensive enclosure safeguarding and management equipment
  • Finely-tuned, user-friendly metering, status monitoring facilities and alarms
  • Real-time local and remote access managementLatest state-of-the-art, high quality output power technology
  • Reduces risk of downtime by alerting enclosure changes and faults in the early stages saving time, maintenance and costs
  • Adaptable in size to suit your business requirements
  • Bespoke configurations / options / components
  • Gain a better visualisation of your energy usagePower MonitoringThermal Monitoring

InTouch eDB™

The InTouch eDB™ is a distribution board built with energy efficiency as a core guiding design principle.

Designed with our SEMS system built in and configured for access to our eTactica™ platform the InTouch eDB™ allows you to instantly keep track of your energy consumption. Built using industry leading electrical distribution components the InTouch eDB™ makes for a drop in replacement to your usual distribution boards.

ppg-website-edb cutout2

Energy efficiency and carbon consumption are key topics within a businesses CSR agenda these days. The drive towards increased environmental awareness, as well as the introduction of penalties for large consumers acts as a key incentive to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but to demonstrate that this has been done. The InTouch SEMS gives organisations the insight to be able to make real changes that will help to accomplish these aims.

The SEMS Gateway acts as the bridge between your electrical cabinets and the cloud software platform eTactica™. The Gateway collects the data locally and sends on the relevant information to the dashboard allowing you the user to interrogate the live data being produced.

Key Benefits:

  • Individual metering
  • Small Profile design for installation with existing equipment
  • Works with any MCB, RCBO
  • Easy Installation, with minimal time requiredMakes existing equipment intelligent and fit for the future.
  • Allows for benchmarking of your energy consumptionTurn energy usage into a competitive advantage
  • Monitor critical equipment to pre-empt and avert problems
  • Use SEMS as part of your environmental strategy

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