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Critical Systems

PowerQube and DataQube

Modular data centre deployment is an effective way of providing compact modern critical power and cooling systems whilst also considering rapid deployment.

Prism Power’s PowerQube™ and DataQube™ scalable systems can be used to provide modular data centre deployment to meet a wide range of requirements such as new build data centres, rapid distribution, increased capacity, energy saving and cost saving initiatives.

Modular units are an ideal fit given the right circumstances with benefits to gain from being able to better control the standard of construction by completing key and core tasks off-site, as well as reducing capital outlay. The unique modular design enables PowerQube™ and DataQube™ blocks to be individually used or combined into larger systems. This concept allows our clients to invest in the capital infrastructure they need at day one, minimising initial costs and enabling phased deployment with additional Qubes based on forecast demand. This also gives clients the advantage of control over engineering and construction phases as well as financial planning and cost control.

Containing fully integrated M&E systems, Qubes are transported in sections and craned into position to create a convenient new data centre capacity of any size. Systems are designed and built at Prism Power’s own manufacturing facility and are a proven way of acquiring a fast and extremely cost-effective data centre solution. The unparalleled design and build of Prism Power’s Qube technology means that customers are guaranteed assured quality, cost certainty and on-time delivery through our dedicated in-house team.

Systems are designed with efficiency, resilience, scalability and flexibility in mind whilst also delivering the benefits of a guaranteed low maintenance and a compact, containerised solution.

Qubes at a glance:

Steel construction with optional underbelly fuel tank storage

High efficiency rotary UPS systems

400kVA-10MVA systems

Single module N+1, N+N on IP BUS MBS configurations

Standby diesel generator engine: installation & commissioning

Single or parallel configurations

Switchgear: designed and built to suit

Containerised custom solutions

Critical Systems

Critical Systems Brochure
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