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Configured Solutions

We offer LV switchgear solutions to suit any requirement, including assembled MCCB panels, lighting and power MCB distribution boards and modular distribution systems.

We ensure high quality and fully tested distribution equipment arrives on site for immediate installation, without the possibility of damage or loss of components, as is often a factor in traditional site-based configuration and installation. By pre-building and testing the distribution equipment in our factory we are able to offer quicker and labour-saving site installation with piece of mind that the equipment is preconfigured in full.

Standard and bespoke solutions also include for Power and Power Quality metering for MID, OFGEN and BMS requirements. Custom designs to provide special incomer/outgoing cable arrangements, BMS marshalling sections and client specific IP ratings or paint finishes are also available.

Our PDU solutions are also available as an InRack option to fit any 19” data cabinet. They are also available for any cabinet from 600x600mm. These self-contained systems reduce the corridor-to-rack wiring and can be retrofitted on site. Upgrading existing PDUs with Smart Energy Management Systems (SEMS) capabilities, making the unit intelligent, also extends the life of existing hardware and building configurations.

Also see our intelligent eDB range for monitoring and control.

Key features:

125A – 250A fully assembled and tested lighting & power MCB boards

250A – 3200A MCCB Switchboards and MCCB Panel Boards to Form 4 Type 2 and Form 4 type 6

Selection of metering options including MID, OFGEN, BMS solutions and Branch Circuit Monitoring

Bespoke design services

Fully welded steel enclosures

Meets latest regulations and industry standards

Paint finish to any RAL colour and up to IP65 rating

Range of incoming options including Isolators, Circuit Breakers and Static Transfer

Prewiring to BS4343 sockets or terminal marshaling points

Switchgear Solutions

Switchgear Brochure
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