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Intelligent Solutions

SEMS - Smart Energy Management Systems

Smart Energy Management ‘SEMS’

Organisations of all sizes are now recognising the need for energy efficiency. Prism Power Group’s Smart Energy Management Systems identify where to make improvements in your energy usage and recognise how to avoid excessive usage and load.

The solution enables clients to measure their circuits with integrated hardware products that gather information on where, when, and how much electricity their organisation is using.

Monitoring energy usage is becoming increasingly important for organisations to understand where they can reduce loads to lower their costs and to reduce their carbon footprint. Cost savings can offer valuable competitive advantage; there are potential penalties for failure to reduce carbon footprints; and there is a growing expectation amongst consumers that companies will uphold the highest standards of energy efficiency.

The InTouch SEMS is a non-intrusive energy monitoring solution designed to monitor energy consumption at a circuit level. Using the eTactica cloud platform, users can interrogate and analyse consumption, monitor trends and identify where wastage can be eliminated.

Built around a specially developed current transformer, the system fits into your existing electrical distribution board and monitors actual consumption, circuit-by-circuit.

The system can easily be retrofitted or supplied as part of a new InTouch Distribution Board.

Demonstrate your Green Credentials
  • InTouch allows users to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Trend data identifies changes from previous periods and allows forecasting of future usage
  • CRC Compliant Reporting across multiple sites via the eTactica™ dashboard
  • Can be used as part of an ISO 50001 compliant management system
Key product features:
  • Gain granular, circuit-level consumption data
  • Use built-in reporting to reduce compliance costs
  • Easily and quickly retrofit to any MCB or RCBO
Key software features:
  • Benchmark energy consumption and identify wastage
  • Identify energy saving initiatives
  • Monitor and reduce carbon footprint

SEMS Hardware

SEMS Gateway

The SEMS Gateway acts as the bridge between your electrical cabinets and the cloud software platform eTactica™. The Gateway collects the data locally and sends on the relevant information to the dashboard allowing you the user to interrogate the live data being produced.

  • Small Profile design for installation with existing equipment
  • Works with any MCB, RCBO
  • Easy Installation, with minimal time required
  • Makes existing equipment intelligent and fit for the future.
  • Allows for benchmarking of your energy consumption
  • Turn energy usage into a competitive advantage
  • Monitor critical equipment to pre-empt and avert problems
  • Use SEMS as part of your environmental strategy

SEMS Retrofit

Built around the specially developed ‘click-on’ current transformer, the system integrates easily into your existing electrical distribution system and is designed to work with any legacy equipment already installed on your site.

Easy installation means minimal time required to integrate into your existing electrical systems making them ‘intelligent’ without the need to replace or upgrade. Once installed you can then start to benchmark and reduce your consumption.

SEMS Software Service

eTactica Dashboard

InTouch utilises the state of the art eTactica™ platform for reporting and analysing your energy consumption data. With simplicity, ease of access and the ability to customise all chief concerns in the design of the system it gives users the information they want, how they want it, all in real time.

With a clear dashboard designed to give the user the key information it is easy to identify consumption trends and unusual usage and then to drill down into that data to discover more. eTactica’s clear dashboard displays key information whilst allowing for deeper interrogation of the data. It is easy to identify consumption trends and unusual usage at a site, panel, or even breaker level. eTactica allows an organisation to fully understand its energy consumption and facilitates the implementation of targeted effective energy saving initiatives that you can see the results of straight away.

The flexibility of eTactica™ is unparalleled in the market today. Built from scratch to focus on energy monitoring the system is focussed on the user experience. A variety of different views and overlays and the ability to manipulate a variety of different content filters allows you to take an overview of your energy consumption or focus on the detail.

At the click of a button users can go from viewing first an asset, a circuit, a whole distribution board, a site or even multiple sites and analyse detailed consumption data for those selections. The dashboard clearly identifies usage cost alongside the consumption level and also provides CO2 consumption data as a headline indicator.

The dashboard provides four key indicators to give an overview of efficiency: cost for the period so far, kWh consumption, CO2 consumption, and bill prediction for the period.

Key features:

Access to your energy usage 24/7ReportsAlertsAnalysis and trendsCustomisation of reports and alertsData comparisonRemote reportingMonitor energy usage data for accurate and detailed insightsEnables usage forecasting including allowances for seasonal variationsFull carbon footprint analysis and CRC reportingIdentify branch level critical loads and overloadsCloud service accessible 24/7/365

SEMS Software as a Service (SaaS)

The SEMS service is provided via a Software as a service (SaaS) package licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted on a cloud-based server enabling the user to access information “on demand”.

Detailed and informative SEMS analysis reporting is accessed by the client via a web browser.

SaaS is a leading strategy for providing software reliably and conveniently. One of the biggest selling points for these companies is the potential to reduce IT support costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to the SaaS provider.

Intelligent Solutions

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