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Critical Systems

Turnkey Solar Solutions

Why organisations are switching to Solar

Pioneering renewable solar solutions for a cleaner, greener power infrastructure

Mounting pressure to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and limit the harmful environmental impact of our daily operations makes large scale generation of power through solar energy an important consideration for the future. With the combined expertise of our Solar partners, our turnkeySolar Solutions help our clients to realise their strategic objectives for a cleaner, cost-effective, more efficient alternative power source.

Organisations are increasingly strategising their future power provision and turning to new ways of reducing their carbon emissions, without compromising on performance. This has led Prism Power Group to broaden its focus on how it can help our clients to derive greater value through renewable energy opportunities.Investing in alternative renewable solar power technology not only enables facilities to become more eco-compliant, but there are significant other resulting benefits to be gained.

Pioneering renewable solar technology

Prism Power’s Solar products offer state-of-the-art, complete power solutions specifically engineered to reduce carbon emissions by converting natural sunlight into a self-sufficient electricity supply.

Harvesting natural energy on-site through a purpose-built solar power infrastructure enables our customers to move towards more environmentally conscious operations, while giving them the autonomy to distribute and utilise their store of electricity in whichever way is most practical and beneficial for their unique enterprise and their objectives.

Why choose Prism Power Solar Solutions

In partnership with our dynamic Solar customers, we strive to lead the way in pioneering renewable power technology for the future and become integral drivers of positive environmental and economic change. The core aim of our bespoke-engineered Solar Solutions is to deliver a multitude of practical benefits for our clients that will enhance their competitive edge and achieve significant value from their investment.

The Benefits

• Supports the international push towards renewables for a cleaner, eco-friendly energy infrastructure

• Utilises the abundant natural sunlight resource

• Reduces dependence on diminishing, polluting and costly fossil fuels, while offering  a sustainable alternative

• Maximises use of existing space in allowing for a  minimal urban footprint

• Power supply can be distributed to wherever the client wishes to derive the most benefit

• Operates as a self-sufficient electricity supply directly on-site, helping to reduce energy costs

• Demonstrates the embracing of pioneering and sustainable power technology

Critical Systems

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