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Case Study

British Land

Energy management has become a concern for all organisations. Smart metering enables organisations to generate accurate power and energy data from key distribution points, monitor power quality, and log events with standalone or embedded metering.

Data provides actionable information from which organisations can tactically maximise the reliability and efficiency of their critical power infrastructure.

Switchgear cabinet

British Land is a developer of commercial, retail and residential environments. As an on-going refurbishment and expansion project to a number of British Land sites, Prism Power Groups has been appointed the contract for installing advanced power monitoring and control systems as specified by the consultant Tüv Süd.

To date, our InTouch Division has installed 4 British Land sites with intelligent energy management systems – either the InTouch eDB™ monitoring and control systems or non-intrusive Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) components retrofitted into the client’s existing distribution boards. The equipment and devices have been interconnected within each site without complicated work-arounds.

The SEMS solution is built around the ability to work with any existing EMS / BMS platforms to deliver real-time, relevant and actionable energy information precisely when and where needed. The integrated power management solutions facilitate end-to-end monitoring, control and analysis the entire power network. Dedicated software then records and simplifies the interrogation and analysis the clients’ consumption data, enabling the identification of trends and more importantly wastage that can be eliminated.