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Introducing Prism Power's latest intelligent and highly versatile 'one size fits all' distribution board – InTouch PDU

Revolutionise the way you manage your building’s energy consumption and unlock its potential with Prism Power's versatile ‘one size fits all’ intelligent power distribution system.

Compact by design and engineered to suit a diverse range of applications, the InTouch PDU™ is highly intuitive with built-in intelligence for enhanced power monitoring and control.

Today’s operational demands have created huge dependence on achieving reliable and efficient power supply. Safeguarding the supply through intelligent power monitoring is now a crucial element in any mission critical facilities management programme. But increasingly, smaller organisations are also reaping the benefits from smart energy management with the latest in affordable power monitoring technology available to them.

Prism Power’s InTouch PDU™ solution incorporates intelligent functionality that enables businesses to access their power distribution data and use usage insights to achieve heightened security, efficiency and protection for their facility.

In addition to both integrated branch and earth leakage monitoring functionality of the InTouch PDU™, its highly versatile design means the system is suitable for varied applications, giving a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Features of the InTouch Intelligent PDU:

› Compact size: The InTouch PDU™ has an overall footprint of just 900mm(W) x 550mm(D) x 2100mm(H).

› Choice of input and output options: Mains cabling can be located at either the top or bottom of the InTouch PDU™.

› Choice of cabling sizes: The InTouch PDU™ can accept 95mm, 120mm and 150mm incoming cables.

› Flexible distribution board configurations: Multiple arrangements can be created i.e. anything from 6way TPN to 18way TPN and up to 36way TPN without changing the design.

› Safer busbar design: All busbars are internal and completely segregated for enhanced safety.

› Surge protection: To safeguard against voltage spikes.

Branch and Earth Leakage Monitoring

The InTouch PDU™ has the integrated ability to monitor and report back on your facility’s energy behaviour and monitor earth leakage enabling you to easily analyse and establish greater control over energy consumption within your building, as well as detect and mitigate risks.

Comprehensive remote status reporting is supplied via precise and responsive integrated software, allowing a facilities manager to conveniently access real-time vital readings for analysis and control. Status reports and alarms can be delivered locally from a touch screen or remotely to any device and destination you choose, limiting potential downtime risks.

Intelligent branch monitoring features also provide usage insights that lead to improved energy management practices so that your facility can reap significant associated benefits for your organisation.

The benefits of smart energy monitoring:

› Improve Efficiency

› Increase safety and security

› Indentify and mitigate power failure risks

› Avoid carbon penalties

› Set up alarms to pre-empt overloads and power outage

› Reduce costs

› Enable cost allocation

› Lower carbon footprint

› Meet environmental standards

› Detect weak points in the electrical infrastructure

› Optimise the use of planned downtime

› Understand power loading and remaining capacity at final circuit

› Reduce fire risks and insurance premiums

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