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Win an Energy Monitoring Starter Kit

We’re giving away the chance to win an Energy Monitoring Starter Kit – a package designed to help kick-start the benefits of running smart electricity within your facility.

Do you know how efficiently your building is consuming its electricity? 

The Energy Monitoring Starter Kit provides everything that you need to take the initial step in making your facility energy efficient. This basic set of tools will enable you to begin monitoring and managing your facility’s energy usage and the data insights delivered by the eTactica software will help you to unlock the benefits of having greater control over energy performance.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure 

• Improve efficiency

• Reduce risk

• Enhance security

• Avoid penalties

• Reduce costs 

• Prevent power failures 

• Lower carbon footprint

• Meet environmental standards

Metering can help spot problems and abuses, enabling them to be resolved, and can provide the insights that are required to prove a business case and justify expenditure. Effective metering enables a continuous cycle of improvement monitoring, analysis, bench-marking and implementing of solutions making energy metering the most critical part of any energy management programme.

See where your facility is losing money through wasted energy and see why energy metering is the most critical part of any energy management programme.

Enter here for the chance to win our entry level kit.

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